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NOKIA N810 Discount!

I will offer a discount to buy a brand new N810 to one of the lucky developers of the N810 Maemo Device Program if he gives me his old N800, so he will pay the new device even less than 99€ (which indeed is already a very good price). In order to be eligible for this fantastic offer the N800 must come with its original box, all the cables and manuals and a still good battery. Italian power plug is a plus.


More seriously. I didn’t apply to the N810 Maemo Device Program since I haven’t developed anything specific for this platform yet, nor I have a “special” idea for a killer application. Nonetheless I would really like to play a bit with Maemo developing, so, if there is a developer who is waiting for his brand new N810 and has a spare N800 laying around grabbing dust, I would be happy to buy it.

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